The deeper side of Mayan symbols

The deeper side of Mayan symbols

I recently read in the book "Tribes" by Seth Godin that people never believe what we tell them, they rarely believe what we show them but they totally believe 100% what they tell themselves.

So true, right!? And if we look at it the positive way, it means that deep down inside we are all truly confident with ourselves and our beliefs!

That is why we love wearing statement t-shirts like the famous Dior "We should all be feminists" or the "I love ..." something t-shirts. We feel part of a community and maybe even part of a movement when we express our beliefs through our clothes.

Mayan communities are no different really. If you notice, their weaving always include diamond shapes which all mainly represent "La Tierra", the soil, the earth... the beginning and the end of everything that is earthly in this world.

At first instance it can mean the fertility of the soil, the growth of crops and the cultivation of the fields... which in the end all mean prosperity and life.

But more deeply it also translates to all human desire... our basic need are food so a fertile soil, true... but our human desire to grow and to embrace and fulfill our lives is present in small everyday actions. A desire for beauty and not just utility. A desire for community and belonging. And a desire to be better and do better.

Our embroideries combined represent feminity, divinity and growth not only in the soil which gives us the basic need in this world but in every (wo)men able to transform her life and those of others around her.

Always believe in yourself... intuition is divine guidance ;-)

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