El Sapo!

El Sapo!

Summer 2018, sitting alone in a cafe in Sicily while my kids are at the beach with their Italian grandparents and my husband is back home working in Paris...I remember this moment since I am a mom living abroad in France with no family support nearby, so any chance I get to have the kids with their grandparents for me to be able to work during summer breaks are precious!

In that cafe, I designed this embroidery mixing several symbols of the mayan culture in order to ideally represent all the Adelita's that I want to embody and represent with my brand!

There are moments of inspiration on one's life and this was one.

If we just see this symbl we might not think much of it but I made sure it was more than just pretty colors. It means growth, transformation, divinity, fertility.

Mayans refer to this as "el sapo" or "the toad"... not very sexy I know... but let me tell you what a toad means.

A toad is an animal that goes through crucial periods of transformation through its life and it grows stronger from each transformation. A toad is abundance from its relation to fertility and life. A toad is leadership and spiritual healing from its relation to the rain, water and renewal.

Us as human beings and as women we go through so many stages in our lifes, we go through difficult times and times of growth. This embroidery to me is a reminder to all women that we can grow and be better through our different stages of transformation. We have the power in ourselves to become our better spiritual selves. 

Embracing our stages of transformation towards growth will lead us to ultimate acceptance and happiness.

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