Organic cotton, why? How is it that what I wear impacts the planet?

Organic cotton, why? How is it that what I wear impacts the planet?

I am a person who hates labels, I believe things are not black or white, it is just too extreme and too much pressure for my perfectionist mind…

I might be environmentally conscious but my groceries are not 100% organic, I might support women and work towards equality but I do not like calling myself a feminists and I am also a mother who works and who gives her full attention to her kids on the evenings and weekends, so I do not like the term "full-time mom". I am just a woman, a mother and a concerned human being trying to do her best.

There is a clear growing concern for our planet, and I believe small everyday actions do matter. To me it’s not about changing 100% our cupboards, but mostly to consume responsibly.

  • It is estimated that 20% of our clothing is not worn once… that means us as clients we buy things we might never use or use once. I think we have all found that one scarf on the back drawer with tags still on! And us as brands we are overproducing… no wonder we see sales every 6 months at best!
  • It takes two years of drinking water to make one pair of jeans… ONE…when we hear that by 2025, two thirds of the planet will experience a shortage of drinking water that might concern us a bit…
  • Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil. Fashion… nothing vital right? Our planets health might seem a little more vital for us humans and our children.

These are just some of the facts that prove that we need to change our fashion consumption mindset and fast!

Organic cotton alone consumes 71% less water and 62% less energy than non-organic cotton. Farmers are not exposed to chemicals in their food and water on their lands and homes. Organic cotton means choosing to support the environment and the workers, allowing fair wages and conditions.

Us as brands, we need to produce smartly, we are the first ones to influence the consumption and we need to do that consciously.

Time will not wait, our planet will not wait… Today is always a good day to start small or big. The important thing will always be to start, just by starting and making decision we open up mazing possibilities! 

Be the change you want to see in the world - GANDHI

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