Today is a good day to start my blog… today it’s been a year since I launched Adelita & Moi and my blog had been empty for a whole year… why? Honestly, I would say because I’m a perfectionist too afraid to put up un-perfect articles… but I learned perfectionism=excuses…

So today I stop making excuses and take the “risk” of being criticized for not being perfect! Who is anyways, right?

I want my first article to talk about our “Why”… I first read Simon Sinek’s book “Start with why” (which I totally recommend, or at least watching his ted talk) after leaving my past job in fashion.

I knew I wanted to do something for my Mexico, my birth country. I am 34 years old and literally have spent one third of my life living in France, and even though I have fallen in love with my incredible adoptive country, a huge part of my heart belongs to Mexico and feels responsible for the people who haven’t had enough opportunities. Long ago someone once told me that in Mexico only 3% of the people get to have higher education and that comment has always left me with a strange sense of responsibility.

In Mexico, the social gap is enormous. So basically if you are born in the middle or upper class, you will have a “comfortable” life… if you don’t, well access to opportunities and a good school education will be hard.

As Mexicans we are warm and helpful people but when it comes to supporting each other for the greater good and growing stronger together as a society, it takes an earthquake to shake us up and wake us up to act together. In the past year, we have shown that we can do BIG things when we act together and support each other!

Mexico has so much know-how to offer as does France, any culture has its strengths. We want to explore the “best of both worlds” in the handmade industry. The people who work with us are just amazing and have shown their professionalism over the past year (both Mexicans and French!)

This planet does not need more fast fashion… we see articles every day on Facebook and Netflix (I will not get tired of recommending the movie True Cost).

We need to shop sustainably, our planet needs us! Not just sustainable materials but also shop smarter. I am a total believer of quality vs. quantity. I can assure you that you will look classier everyday if you opt for quality and simplicity. And by quality I do not mean Chanel or Vuitton, we can simply start by opting for cotton or a pair of nice cut jeans and black leather boots!

Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance. – Coco Chanel

And as brands, we have a huge responsibility towards the well-being of our world! We can start by simply producing limited quantities to reduce waste!

Every day is a new opportunity to do good

Good to ourselves…

Good to each other…

Good to the planet…

For a better tomorrow!

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